The Smart lighting technology, which enables its users to control lighting through connected devices such as smart phones or remote controls is a big topic in the industry. In this article, the light is shed on different aspects of Intelligent Lighting Technology, to summarize the major findings on latest trends, challenges, directions, opportunities and outlook in the Smart Lighting World. 

There are many technologies on which engineers are working hard to get fruitful results. Technologies like Smart Lighting is among those, which are meant to be the disruptive ones. Technologies like Augmented reality, Virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence are serving as valuable innovations undoubtedly. After smart phones, smart lighting technology is making a huge place in the world.

The current ecological imbalance in the ecosystem has transformed the way business was done traditionally. Today, a large number of companies are adopting a “Green” strategy to support sustainable development across the globe. Furthermore, private and public sectors are joining forces to encourage various smart initiatives worldwide. The market for smart technologies is growing rapidly, and lighting is one of the major prospects in this market. The global smart lighting market had accounted for $ 9.10 Bn in the year 2014, and is expected to cross the milestone of $ 51.50 Bn by the year 2025, growing at the CAGR of 17.1%.

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