Smart Bulb


Smart Bulb


Svarochi 9Watt LED Smart Bulb with diffused polycarbonate cover. Can be switched ON/OFF, Dimmed and tuned from 2700K-6500K , and a choice of >16mln colours

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SVB103/9W C&D PLUS B22/E27

Svarochi Smart Bulb

  • General purpose smart LED bulbs to be used in table lamps, floor standing lamps, ceiling lights and wall brackets of your choice. Dim it to your preference, choose the right shade of white to match your décor or splash colours,to celebrate and to get the right light for creating moods.
  • Color and Daylight Plus – 9W
  • Installation Notes
    For indoor use only. Not to be used in fully enclosed luminaries or outdoor use.
    No additional wiring, no additional communication equipment required.
  • Technical Description
  • Diffuser – polycarbonate
    Body- – high temperature flame retardant plastic with metal inlay.
    Lamp cap i- Ni plated Aluminium – Available in B22/E27 versions.