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The is an exclusive platform for Smart Lighting and Controls, Smart Controls for Green buildings & Homes, we offer design consultancy, Product supply, Installations and turn key solutions, also we offer training knowledge and guidance to those aspiring to Build Smart Homes, Smart Offices and Smart Factories in deciding right solutions for their applications.

Smart Home Solution

Smart home Solutions

A smart home is a home that uses network-connected devices to enable the remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems, such as lighting and heating.

Smart home technology, also often referred to as home automation, this provides homeowners security,  Lighting, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency by allowing them to control smart devices, often using app on their Smartphone or other networked device. as part of the internet of things (IoT), smart home systems and devices often operate together, sharing user usage data among themselves and automating actions based on the owner’s preferences

Our team have the core expertise to design and deliver your dream home project, whether it is new construction or upgrading your existing home to smart home using state of art technologies packages to suit your requirements and budgets.

Smart Lighting Solution

Smart Lighting

You don’t just live with your home’s lighting. You live in it., Enhance your everyday comfort with smart home lighting that fits your lifestyle perfectly, using your mobile, remotes, Gesture controls, Wall console, Laptop and thru Voice Controls (Alexa, Siri, Google home etc.,

The Smart Lighting System offers a convenient way to control your home’s lights with the flexibility of individual room control to whole home control. Using the latest Smart Lighting System, easily configure home lighting via Bluetooth, Wifi, RF connection using any smart device with or without internet or hub

You can conveniently tune the colour of the light, brightness, set the moods, and preset the scenes for different occasions and behavior’s.

Smart Lighting can be used in Office, Factories, warehouses and Homes.

Smart City Solutions

Smart city Solutions

A smart city uses digital technology to connect, protect, and enhance the lives of citizens. IoT sensors, video cameras, social media, and other inputs act as a nervous system, providing the city operator and citizens with constant feedback so they can make informed decisions.

A smart city collects and analyzes data from IoT sensors and video cameras. In essence, it “senses” the environment so that the city operator can decide how and when to take action. Some actions can be performed automatically. For example, a public waste bin can contact the city for service when it is near capacity instead of waiting for a scheduled pickup.

Services under Smart City

Environment, Lighting, Parking, Public Wi-Fi, Safety and security, Transportation, Urban mobility, Waste management, Water management.

Applications and Solutions


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